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Question: Does your SDK support on-device biometric matching?  Answer: No, it only supports on-device acquisition of fingerprint images using Bluetooth or USB for Android/iOS/Windows/Linux. Are you looking for forex trading courses? Check out this article. For on-device biometric match you will need another component such as provided by Neurotechnology (see link), NIST (see link) or open source (see link). Our company provides a project-based solution providing customers with on-device matching tailored to their needs. Please contact our customer support for more details. Question: What would be the right architecture for building an on-device matching system? Answer: The recommended architecture would be to handle two software layers – one for fingerprint acquisition (usually includes user-interface/presentation layer) and the second for biometric service such as extraction, verification (1:1) and/or identification (1:M). The second layer should consider the size/volume of the database, if it needs verification (1:1) only, the response criteria vs. the accuracy etc. Question: Why can’t I compare two fingerprint images? Answer: Image comparison will probably fail since the acquired image may be of different size, rotation, partial and so on. The biometric digital science found a unique approach that works. It searches for points-of-interest in the fingerprint image (called minutiae points) and extract them into a digital format called a template. The biometric matching algorithm can be compared to two templates in a way that is agnostic to size, rotation and so on. The result will be a confidence rank of matched minutiae points.

Question: Do you provide remote AFIS service (Automated Fingerprint Identification System)?
Answer: Yes, we do provide remote AFIS services through our SBS AFIS (called NBBS). These services are accessibled using our NBBS SDK. Please contact our customer support for more details.
Question: Do you sell AFIS systems?
Answer: Yes, we do sell a SBS AFIS solution, for any scale that provides the full life-cycle of the biometric system – Quality Check (QC), Enrollment, Verification (1:1) and Identification (1:M). Please contact our customer support for more details.


Question: What do I need in order to implement SBS AFIS in my organization?
Answer: SBS AFIS is a server-based biometric machine that provide all required biometric services in high-speed and high-accuracy. Alongside the SBS AFIS, we provide an Enrollment PC-application and suitable fingerprint scanner and a wide range of options for end-user verification and identification solutions. Please contact our customer support for more details.

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