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The SMUFS BT from SMUFS Biometric Solution is a portable wireless fingerprint reader with bluetooth connection. The device is battery powered and can be recharged via an USB port.

SMUFS biometric Solutions (SBS) is an israeli startup providing biometric hardware and software solutions primarily in mobile domain. SBS provides innovative technologies to convert your existing Mobile phones/Tablets into powerful biometric devices.

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SMUFS BT is a bluetooth fingerprint reader with capacitive sensor for capturing flat fingerprints.
SMUFS Biometric Solutions (SBS), developing and manufacturing unique hardware and software biometric solutions, primarily in the mobile domain. SMUFS , a compact, self-powered, standalone fingerprint scanner, will turn any peripherals into precise, sufficient and secured biometric mobile station.
An entrepreneurial powerhouse, Israel is a hotbed of pioneering technologies, profitable business opportunities, and high investment returns.
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Under new agreement, Fulcrum Biometrics will distribute SMUFS Bluetooth and Wireless based mobile fingerprint scanners globally
This week, we went on a little road trip to Kibutz Revivim, a beautiful serene place found after only a 20 minute drive from Beer-Sheva. In Revivim sits a very interesting and unique startup, featuring a mobile product of biometrical identification. We’ve spent some time with Oren Epstein and Eran Musai of Smufs to hear what they have to say about the biometrical field, and of course of their product.
SMUFS Biometric Solutions (SBS) is an Israeli startup, developing and manufacturing unique mobile biometric hardware and software solutions, for integrators and endusers, primarily in the mobile domain.
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