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SMUFS OPTICAL Secure Mobile Universal Fingerprint Scanner is the smallest, certified identity verification Mobile Biometrics system

  • SMUFS OPTICAL finger print scanner based on CBM-E2 that is certified: FIPS 201 PIV, MINEX compliant.
  • It offers an embedded biometric engine for extraction/matching (Morpho) in real-time, suitable for 1:1 /1: few verification, at off-grid operation in remote locations.
  • It is Excellent for demanding 1: N identification challenges, in the field through biometric server over GPRS network. The device can handles tasks from standalone identity to large-scale AFIS requirements.
  • The smallest optical BT scanner existing today in the market that can perform matching on board included NFIQ\WSQ.
  • SMUFS OPTICAL is a “plug&play”, simple to use, User friendly, automatically recognized by any OS.
  • The SMUFS Optical designed to operate in the mobile domain, with low power consumption and full adaptation to its host power management, including iPhones & iPads.




Customer Benefit


– Class 2 Bluetooth 2.1
– Compatible with both Android and iOS

– Image capture and transfer < 2sec
– Encrypted into 256-bit AES


– OTG capabilities
– Micro USB connector

– Plug & Play capabilities
– For both data transfer and charging

Hardware specifications

Long-life rechargeable battery

– 3.7V
– 2000 mAh Li-Ion battery
– Charge gauge
– Rechargeable via USB connection (3-5 hrs.)

~600 fingerprints on a single charge


– Flash for 5,000 templates

– Can store up to 5000 templates
– Extraction & Identification on device capabilities

High processing capacity

– ARM based DSP
– 192 MHz
– Programmable device

Allows flexibility and adaptability to various needs and applications. Firmware can be updated through our website.


– 3 LED
– Buzzer

Immediate status indication on the device

Image Formats

Raw image

– 256 grayscale image
– Improved image quality

Customer may use any algorithm for extraction/matching

Compressed image


Customer can use his preferable format


– ANSI/INCITS 378-2004
– ISO/IEC 19794-2:2005

Image capture and transfer – 1 ~ 2 Sec

Sensor Specifications

Biometric Fingerprint Sensor

– Certified: FIPS 201 PIV, MINEX compliant
– Endless finger capturing
– EMC/Safety standards: CE, CB, FCC, UL RoHS
– Resistance to electro-static discharges
– scratches and shocks, +/-15KV ESD

IP 65 (water, dust protection). Enhanced Image Mode (EIM) High signal-to-noise ratio, excellent robustness, suited for high quality capture across a wide range of fingerprint types. The image quality is resilient to various environmental conditions encountered in the field, like sunlight, dust, residual latent prints, etc.

Image size

– 500 dpi, 8bit grayscale
– 256 x 400 Pixels (14x22mm)

– Allows only live finger scans (fake finger detection)
– Suitable for all 1: N and AFIS tasks

Operating Systems Supported

IOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac

– SDK has a consistent interface across all versions
– NFIQ is available through our SDK



– MAC list features
– Template Signature (X9.84 standard)
– Connection Password
– IO packet encryption

– Manage list of authorized phones
– Guarantee the origin and the integrity of the data sent to the Host System
– Additional password (optional) to establish connectivity
– Additional security layer of security on top of BT session

Physical Specifications

Handheld Device

– 6.8 x 9.4 x 2.5 cm / 2.6x 3.7 x 1 inches
– 85gr/0.2lbs

– Compact, portable mobile device


– Sealed ABS plastic
– Dust proof
– Water resistant
– Operating temperature -30 to +70°C / 5% to 93%RH
– Storage temperature -30 to +125°C / 5% to 93%RH

Suitable for outdoor and harsh conditions



– FIPS 201 PIV compliance
– BT SIG (D033153)

  • Sealed box – breaking is the only way to open the device, every physical opening leaves evidences.
  • Physical switch – every opening will lead to erasure of all sensitive data.
  • Fusing – the SMUFS is un-crackable, every attempt to make firmware changes will lead to a permanent destruction.
  • No sensitive data in the SMUFS – at its default operation mode, the SMUFS does not store the data. It collects the fingerprint image and send it to the host. In this function, if the device was hacked, it cannot serve any malicious use.
  • Detect only “live” fingerprint. “Fake finger” will be rejected.
  • Soft lock – the SMUFS unit can be locked and released using the fingerprint of pre-authorized person.
  • Data transfer over Bluetooth 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Addition security layer on top of the link session (optional).
  • Sending irreversible template only (optional) – recovery and “theft” of the fingerprint image is impossible.
  • MAC list – Managing a list of authorized phones in the SMUFS device.
  • Using Bluetooth 2 link limits the connectivity radios, and reduces the risk of an intruder or “listener”.
  • Additional security code – Blocking un-authorized phone.
  • MAC list – Managing a list of authorized scanners.
  • Using Bluetooth 2 link limits the connectivity radios, and cuts the danger of intruders or “listener”.
  • SSL connection for sever identification.
  • Low-friction solution – enable working with the customer’s secured network.
  • Working over GPRS and Wi-Fi, which have a strict secured protocol.
  • Sending irreversible template only (optional) – recovery and “theft” of fingerprint image is impossible.
  • SSL connection for sever identification.
  • Low-friction solution – enable working with the customer’s secured network.
  • Locked and secured groups of identities, using pre-authorized fingerprints.
  • Manage and Limit the information receives from the server for each identification (person picture only, “identified/not identified” only, etc.).
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