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The BIOSTICK (patent pending) is a solid paste that spreads over your fingers, allowing fingerprint scanners to capture the best possible experience on the first attempt.

How to implement it is easy and simple:

  • Clean the finger from dirt and grease.
  • The ointment is gently applied to the finger being examined.
  • Using the thumb, turn it until it gets evenly smeared.
  • Perform a reading of the sample finger.
  • Be sure to clean the contact surface with each product after each call.


The BIOSTICK has special features that allow each finger type to be scanned immediately and for the first time

We well known that “dry” fingers, labors, the elderly, and children are very difficult to scan their fingers

Therefore, we worked and developed together with an American company an ointment that passed all the FDA standards and is implemented at all FBI stations scattered throughout the US, as a device that optimizes and improves the reading of the fingers when scanned

The material is non-toxic and harmless to the tissues, removing it from the finger is easy and does not require harsh detergents

Features Thimble Darkening light images caused by dry skin Provides equal contrast on each scan allows the user to perform many scans with umarkets less rejection Allows users to purchase the best possible scan of the finger and palm highlights the ridges and valleys with a finger to enable perfect scanning.

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