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About Us

Our belief is that Identifying people by their username and password is just unsafe. We would like for machines to identify and interact with people, based on what they are, rather than what they may know.

SMUFS Biometric Solutions (SBS) is an Israeli company that develops and manufactures biometric hardware and software solutions, primarily in the mobile domain. SBS mobile hand-held devices provides innovative technologies to convert your existing Mobile phones and Tablets into powerful Biometric station. SBS has patented the FIPS 201/PIV compliant fingerprint scanner that works with every possible architecture prevalent in market today such as Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and Macintosh. SBS is thriving, because of it’s ability to provide mobile identity verification solutions with accurate identity enrollment, identification and verification anytime, anywhere in a most cost effective manner.

Full customization is offered through our Scanning Device, SDKs, and NBBS (Network Based multimodal Biometric Server). Our SDK has extensive samples for every type of platform, allowing developers to quickly adapt our device’s SDK, which has a simple and standard interface for every platform, so you don’t have to worry about the specifics of communication interfaces, our device’s SDK can cleanly encapsulate the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB HID interfaces.

We would be very pleased to customize our existing Products/Solutions to provide you with a quick solution specific to your requirements for any stand-alone identity requirements up to massive large scale AFIS requirements.


Smufs Biometric Solutions (SBS) was founded in 2012 by group of entrepreneurs, who saw the potential in the mobile biometric domain for the upcoming years.


We have arguably worked with every Biometric sensor and every Biometric algorithm that is available on market today, and because of this, we can confidently say, that we can design, develop and implement our products to fit your needs.

  • Hardware Solutions based on any Biometric Sensor
  • Software solutions based on any Sensor, API, and platform

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Currently we are producing and implementing:

  • A biometric mobile unit that can work with any smart phone for Registration and Identification of individuals.
  • A Biometric Server that can use any Biometric algorithm in plug and play mode. If more than one algorithm is plugged in, it will make the system much more robust and useful by utilizing the best of both algorithms.

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Zohar-Hmidbar 1, Ramt-Negev, Israel-8551500


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